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Player Information

Name: Mia
Personal Journal: [personal profile] bronnichiwa
Age: 21
Contact Info: [ profile] bronnichiwa
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Mia
Character Series: Golden Sun
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Post TLA
Background Link: Here!
Personality: The first impression Mia gives is always of being hardworking and kind. As the last (active) member of her clan, and as one of the sole healers in Imil, she spends the majority of her days helping the sick and wounded. Although she has apprentices, the game seems to hint that they only started training under her recently, and that she was the one who had taken care of the village for the majority of the last few years. Even on the journey, she was always the first to see to any bruises, and always the most adept at getting rid of poison. Partly because of this that she has a natural predisposition to help people and expect nothing in return. She'll also heal or help without judgment, barring a few caveats; if the person that's hurt is actively trying to hurt other people (or destroy the world) she'll make sure to nerf the damage they can do before helping. To her, everyone deserves life, but no one deserves to take another's.

This attitude has always led her to put the fate of the world above all else, even her personal happiness. She was raised to be a guardian of Mercury Lighthouse, protecting at all costs, thinking that if the lighthouse was lit the world would be destroyed. When her parents died of a plague several years back, she didn't get much time to grieve before she had to take over their duties as a healer.She's very goal driven, and when she's given a task, she'll give anything to complete it, aside from sacrificing the greater good. When it's ultimately a choice between her current mission and the good of the world, she'll do what's necessary for the good of the world; she allows the lighthouse to remain lit when it's revealed that it's the key to saving the world. When she was a kid and young teenager, she often sacrificed her social life because of her chores at the lighthouse and having to heal around town, which left her with few friends and many admirers.

Because she was so distant from people as a child, she often has trouble connecting with others. When she begins travelling with the party, it takes her the longest to connect on an emotional level with everyone, but once she is able to get close, they're people that she keeps close to her heart. She prioritizes them almost anybody else, but not over the sake of a greater whole. The only person she's ever been as close to was Alex, before he left.

Although she remains calm and is the last to get angry, on the occasions that she does it get angry it tends to last. It takes more than the average person to make her angry, and the only person she's ever grown to truly despise is Alex, who betrayed her on both a personal and world-threatening level. Anger of this type is something that she doesn't tend to let go of, regardless of how much time passes. When she's angry, she doesn't shout, but rather talks in a cold and nearly emotionless voice, in order to distance herself from the offending party.

There are moments she'll slip into sarcasm; a trait she inherited from her parents. A good example being her "pharmacy" line in the Altmiller caves. Because of her constant calm demeanor, it often catches others off-guard, and they take her at face value.

Ply: Cure light wounds with faith's power (Affects one)
Ply Well: Cure medium wounds with faith's power (Affects one)
Pure Ply: Cure heavy wounds with faith's power (Affects one)
Wish: Cure light wounds with faith's power (Affects party)
Wish Well: Cure medium wounds with faith's power (Affects party)
Pure Wish: Cure heavy wounds with faith's power (Affects party)
Cure Poison: Cures poison (affects one)
Restore: Cures status ailments (Affects one)
Frost: Attack with frigid blasts
Tundra: Attack with frigid blasts
Glacier: Attack with frigid blasts
Ice: Attack with spikes of ice
Ice Horn: Attack with spikes of ice
Ice Missile: Attack with spikes of ice
Break: Eliminate an enemy's bonuses
Prism: Attack with ice crystals
Hail Prism: Attack with ice crystals
Freeze Prism* 31PP: Attack with ice crystals

Primary Djinn:
Fizz: Restors a small portion of an ally's health
Sleet: Attacks the foe with ice
Mist: Attacks the foe with a mist; may obscure vision
Hail: Attacks the foe with ice; may drop foe's speed
Sample Entry: Samples, let me know if you need more!


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